Cape Tribulation Wilderness Cruises

Experience the untamed allure of Cape Tribulation with Mangrove Cruises, the sole authorized tour boat for the Cape Tribulation region in Daintree National Park. Embark on a captivating mangrove exploration to spot estuarine crocodiles. Navigate along Cooper Creek’s Coral Sea inlet while admiring Queensland’s third-highest peak, Thornton Peak. This leisurely voyage unveils a biodiverse mangrove realm of international significance, safeguarded by the Queensland Park & Wildlife Service. Cooper Creek remains unblemished by modernity – a snapshot of prehistoric serenity. While crocodile sightings aren’t guaranteed, relish the adventure in an exclusive 9-square-kilometer World Heritage-listed haven. Day cruises cost $34 for adults, inclusive of GST and the National Park Fee. Night cruises require charter bookings, starting at $330. Indulge in the wild with a Grand Fan Palm Walk or Greater Wilderness Tour. Walk through pristine rainforest expanses spanning 67 hectares.

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